This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Locked To Death summary:

“Hye-seong,” a boy living on a remote island, meets “Yoon-hae,” a mermaid he met in the sea, and they become each other’s only friends. However, the two soon break up against each other due to Hye-seong’s move. Six years later, Yunhae gains mysterious abilities and returns to Comet. However, many things have changed for Hyesung to spend all his time with Yunhae like he did when he was young. “I’m a different person than you, Yoonhae.” Yoon Hae's attachment to the comet is slowly spreading into control... The winner of the 2nd largest contest on earth in 2022.
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Chapter 3 662 Jul 14,24
Chapter 2 2.2K Jun 14,24
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