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  • Nekozuka-Kun Wa Himitsu Wo Kaburu


  • Author(s) : Ueda Pon ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May 15,2024 - 02:39 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Josei, Supernatural,
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Nekozuka-Kun Wa Himitsu Wo Kaburu summary:

Mei Komatsu (28) was dumped by her boyfriend because "Do you really like me? I wanted to spoil you more". What does it mean to be spoiled? On nights like this, she misses her parents' cat. He is like a cat at home, and Mei can't leave him alone. One day, she can't bear to see Nekozuka, who is exhausted from the welcome party, and decides to take him home with her. One day, she woke up in the morning and heard his voice. When she woke up in the morning and looked toward his voice, she found a black cat... (Why?!?!). (Why? A cat on the futon where Nekozuka-kun was!) Mei finds out Nekozuka-kun's big secret--? A dream pet life with Nekozuka-kun! I will make Nekozuka-kun happy!
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Chapter 1 968 May 15,24
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