This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Eternally Regressing Knight summary:

"You're a genius." Those words he heard as a child were poison. Encrid dreamed of becoming a knight, but he soon realized it was futile. "You want to live by the sword with that level of skill?" Some laughed at him. "Just give up." Some advised him against it. Despite that, his dream remained steadfast. He slept less, ran more, and trained harder. One day, he died, having been stabbed in the neck. Encrid opened his eyes again to "today's" morning.
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Chapter 14 21.2K Jul 17,24
Chapter 13 23.2K Jul 12,24
Chapter 12 29.1K Jul 02,24
Chapter 11 30.7K Jun 27,24
Chapter 10 36.8K Jun 16,24
Chapter 9 36.5K Jun 11,24
Chapter 8 38K Jun 04,24
Chapter 7 37.6K May 29,24
Chapter 6 33.1K May 28,24
Chapter 5 30.3K May 28,24
Chapter 4 31.6K May 28,24
Chapter 3 32.1K May 28,24
Chapter 2 34.1K May 28,24
Chapter 1 44.9K May 28,24
Chapter 0 24.9K May 28,24
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