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  • Last updated : Jun 08,2024 - 01:38 AM
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All's Nice! summary:

Da Seulgi is a timid female college student who becomes a when she drinks alcohol. She heard a rumor that you’d have to participate in company dinners to get good grades in a compulsory liberal art class with the College of Physical Education.To maintain her top rank, Seulgi was forced to go to the drinking party and kept silent in her seat amidst the noisy environment, catching the eye of ‘Oh Bora’, a popular student from the college of physical education. Bora asks her why she didn’t touch her glass and she quickly answers in surprise. “Ah, I’m a lightweight!” “What? Did you say ‘nice’? Awe~some! You should’ve said so before!” She misunderstood, getting caught in the atmosphere of the college students. She got drunk and… seduced Bora who was helping her in her drunken state! A give & take love comedy between an introverted timid nerd, Seulgi and a confident extrovert, Bora.TL/N: the slang for “lightweight” that was used sounds like nice, so that’s why she misheard her
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Chapter 3 2.9K Jun 08,24
Chapter 2 6K May 20,24
Chapter 1 7.5K May 15,24
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