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Worthless Reincarnation summary:

In the realm of historical annals, Chen Xuanqiu, a descendant of a historian, enters the stage to avenge the grudge of Qingping Mountain. Entangling himself in an unresolved matrimonial fate, he steps into the chaos of troubled times. Through numerous strategic maneuvers, Chen Xuanqiu unveils the hypocritical facade of immortals. With unwavering determination, he vows to single-handedly rescue the suffering populace. A mere youth with a solitary sword, a new wind emerges, originating from the depths of Qingping.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 18 3.8K Apr 12,24
Chapter 17 2.5K Apr 12,24
Chapter 16 2.4K Apr 12,24
Chapter 15 2.7K Apr 12,24
Chapter 14 2.4K Apr 12,24
Chapter 13 2.4K Apr 12,24
Chapter 12 6.4K Mar 08,24
Chapter 11 4.9K Mar 08,24
Chapter 10 6.5K Mar 01,24
Chapter 9 5.6K Mar 01,24
Chapter 8 5.9K Mar 01,24
Chapter 7 6.2K Mar 01,24
Chapter 6 6.3K Mar 01,24
Chapter 5 6.4K Mar 01,24
Chapter 4 6.8K Mar 01,24
Chapter 3 6.9K Mar 01,24
Chapter 2 7.8K Mar 01,24
Chapter 1 10.7K Mar 01,24
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