This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Please Behave, My Wife summary:

This is brought to you by the same author of "My Wife Is From a Thousand Years Ago". "If you could go back in time, what would you do?""I would go to the school entrance and wait for you every day to pursue you shamelessly until you're my girlfriend. What about you?""Hmm... I will definitely carefully wait until I'm twenty-four to get to know you again, then gradually fall in love, then get married, and then ask you this question. I live cautiously because I'm afraid that the butterfly effect will make me lose you."
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 66: Why Fight? 14.8K Apr 23,24
Chapter 57 16.8K Mar 18,24
Chapter 52: Annoying Guy 14.2K Mar 02,24
Chapter 50: Feed Me 15.4K Feb 25,24
Chapter 47 15.2K Feb 17,24
Chapter 35: “That”? 15.8K Jan 15,24
Chapter 28 21.4K Dec 25,23
Chapter 21 34.7K Nov 26,23
Chapter 18: T-Teacher He 33.4K Nov 20,23
Chapter 10 48.2K Oct 21,23
Chapter 0.2: Teaser 2 53.8K Sep 28,23
Chapter 0.1: Teaser 1 88.1K Sep 28,23
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