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  • Moto Ansatsusha, Tensei Shita Kizoku No Reijou Ni Narimashita

    元暗殺者、転生して貴族の令嬢になりました ; A Former Assassin Was Reborn as a Noble's Daughter

  • Author(s) : Otonashi Satsuki ,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul 06,2024 - 17:34 PM
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  • View : 3.9M
  • Genres : Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance,
  • Rating :
  •   Mangakakalot rate : 4.29/ 5 - 478 votes

Moto Ansatsusha, Tensei Shita Kizoku No Reijou Ni Narimashita summary:

The story is about Serena, a former assassin who was reincarnated as a duke's daughter after failing her mission. She initially thought that pretending to be a noble would be easy, but she struggled with the gap in perception between herself and her mother, who had a flighty personality, and her adoptive sister, who deceived those around her in an attempt to push Serena out of the picture.Despite skillfully dodging the harassment she faced at the tea parties full of rivalry and navigating the complex social life of a school embroiled in love and hate, Serena's cold demeanor resulted in her being ostracized and isolated. One day, she discovers that her adoptive sister is engaged to the second prince, which leads her to run away from home. However, it is at this point that the first prince, Evan, appears in front of her...Follow Serena, a former assassin who knows nothing of love, as she charges forward into the aristocratic society of another world in this comedic, occasionally romantic tale.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 16.2 12.5K Jul 06,24
Chapter 16.1 20.2K Jun 16,24
Chapter 15.2 23.2K May 26,24
Chapter 15.1 18.2K May 26,24
Chapter 15.0: Bonus Page 14.6K May 26,24
Chapter 14.2 15.6K May 26,24
Chapter 14.1 16.4K Apr 29,24
Chapter 13.2 21.8K Mar 12,24
Chapter 13.1 26.1K Feb 24,24
Chapter 12.2 25.7K Feb 09,24
Chapter 12.1 26.8K Jan 26,24
Chapter 11.2 25.9K Jan 12,24
Chapter 11.1 30.1K Dec 23,23
Chapter 10.2 35.8K Dec 10,23
Chapter 10.1 40.6K Nov 27,23
Chapter 9.2 37K Nov 13,23
Chapter 9.1 39.7K Oct 27,23
Chapter 8.2 41.4K Oct 13,23
Chapter 8.1 35.3K Oct 13,23
Chapter 7.2 41.1K Sep 09,23
Chapter 7.1 42.3K Aug 26,23
Chapter 6.2 45.3K Jul 30,23
Chapter 4.2: Tigur (2) 52.7K Jun 03,23
Chapter 4.1 53.2K May 14,23
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