This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Mushoku Tensei - Depressed Magician Arc summary:

After separating from Eris, Rudeus falls into the depths of depression. He travels to Rozenberg, the second city of the Principality of Basherant, to search for his missing mother, Zenith. Desperate, Rudeus tries to accept a high-ranking quest alone in order to make a name for himself. However, by chance, he ends up working with a party of B-rank adventurers called the Counter Arrow. One of the party members is a girl named Sara, who reminds him of Eris...!A complete manga adaptation of the seventh volume of the original novel, depicting the aftermath of Rudeus' separation from Eris!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 16 21.1K Dec 25,23
Chapter 15 29.8K Nov 20,23
Chapter 14 30.9K Oct 31,23
Chapter 13 101.3K Dec 25,22
Chapter 12: 12 79.7K Dec 01,22
Chapter 11 80.8K Oct 24,22
Chapter 10 82.3K Sep 25,22
Chapter 9 56.4K Sep 25,22
Chapter 8 106.6K Jul 19,22
Chapter 7 98.1K Jun 16,22
Chapter 6 104.8K May 19,22
Chapter 5 105.7K Apr 28,22
Chapter 4 123.2K Mar 19,22
Chapter 3 123.5K Feb 21,22
Chapter 2 124.1K Feb 21,22
Chapter 1 186.5K Dec 31,21
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