This Croc Will Die In 100 Days CHAPTER LIST

Rosen Garten Saga summary:

Rin's village getting attacked by bandits doesn't keep her down in the dumps for long! Picking up a sword housing an extraordinary pervert… I mean hero, Siegfried, she sets off on a journey of many bouts with various degenerat… ahem, heroes!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 36: Science ~K~ 81.4K Jan 31,23
Chapter 32 76.2K Nov 30,22
Chapter 24.2 66.1K Jun 26,22
Chapter 23.5 78K May 27,22
Chapter 18 98.9K Mar 31,22
Chapter 17 99K Mar 28,22
Chapter 16 101.8K Mar 28,22
Chapter 1 381.9K Jan 24,21
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